Amber Heard breaks down on the stand, the 36-year-old actress claims Johnny Depp penetrated her with liquor bottle


Amber Heard testified for a second day telling the jury in graphic detail how she was allegedly beaten by Johnny Depp and sexually assaulted with a liquor bottle. The 36-year-old actress spoke about multiple alleged incidents of abuse on Thursday, but the most disturbing story was from the pair’s Australia trip in March 2015.

The Aquaman star was emotional all day, but broke down on the stand when she was asked to tell the jury about Depp allegedly penetrating her with a bottle during a drug-fueled rampage.

Depp has vehemently denied Heard’s claims of domestic violence and sexual assault. His spokesperson issued a statement after court about her “convoluted testimony.”



On Thursday, Heard testified that while in Australia where Depp was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, she was abused for days. The actress said that before she arrived, she and Depp fought as he accused her of having an affair with actor Eddie Redmayne. (Heard and Redmayne were filming The Danish Girl.)

Heard said Depp did MDMA the first night, denying his claim that he secured the drugs at her request. A fight broke out about his supposed substance use.

Heard admitted to “screaming at” Depp and that she “slapped him across the face” before barricading herself upstairs. She eventually took medication and went to bed. The next morning, Heard said she walked downstairs and Depp “was still up.”

Heard claimed Depp was “squeezing my neck, it got really nasty.”

Heard said Depp was “taunting” her with a liquor bottle. She finally got ahold of it and “slammed it down right on the ground.”

“That really set him off. So stupid,” Heard emotionally recounted. “It was like a lightbulb switch went off. He starts screaming. I don’t know if he backhanded me or hit me normally.”

Heard said she flew to the ground and Depp started smashing liquor bottles all over the place.

Heard, who was in a nightgown, said she was trapped and Depp grabbed her “slamming me from the wall to the countertop.”

Heard said she “couldn’t get through” to Depp and that his eyes were “black.” What happened next, according to the actress, is disturbing.

Heard remembered “being really still, not wanting to move.”
Heard said she can’t remember how the assault ended.

Heard said she took two sleeping pills and when she awoke on day three, she found Depp still awake, blaring Marilyn Manson music. He was injured.

When Heard located Depp, his hand was wrapped in rags. She claimed he said something like “Look what you made me do, I did this for you.”

Depp testified his finger was severed when Heard threw liquor bottles at him. Photos of the Australia house were shown in court and while some of the destruction is visible, it’s not as demolished as one might expect. The actress said she thinks rooms were cleaned up before the pictures were taken

Heard left Australia, but not Depp. They reconciled and the actress recounted three more allegations of very violent abuse. One was two weeks later, where she said a fight ensued when she discovered he cheated on her after finding texts on his iPad.

Amid the fighting, Heard said her sister Whitney “put herself between Johnny and I.”

Heard admitted to punching Depp.

“I hadn’t landed a blow and for the first time I hit him, like actually hit him, square in the face. He didn’t push my sister down the stairs,” she told the jury.

Whitney is expected to testify later in the trial. Depp’s bodyguard who witnessed the altercation previously testified that the actor never shoved Whitney as Heard has suggested. He spoke about Heard giving Depp a “nice little shiner” and that the Depp never physically attacked Heard during the incident.

Heard testified about an alleged brutal fight in Dec. 2015 where she said she passed out in the middle of Depp’s attack. She claimed he even broke the bed while he was on top of her. Several photos were shown of the actress’s apparent injuries.
Court is adjourned until Monday, May 16 where Heard is expected to finish testifying and face cross-examination from Depp’s legal team.

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