Katie Bejsiuk (fka Free Cake for Every Creature) announces New Album


Katie Bejsiuk, formerly the leader of Free Cake for Every Creature, has announced her new album The Woman on the Moon with the lead single “Onion Grass.”
The LP is the first under her father’s original surname; the first generation American born to Ukranians changed it before his daughter was born. The new record is due out June 24 via Double Double Whammy.



Of the new song, Bejsiuk said in a statement that it was “inspired by the rupture of an adolescent friendship, which occurred as we moved from the imaginative space of childhood to the restrictive and gendered structures of young adulthood.”

Bejsiuk wrote most of The Woman on the Moon in upstate New York between 2019 and2021, exploring archetypal phases of womanhood: “Women are complex, powerful harbingers of both profound ugliness and unparalleled beauty,” she said in a statement. “These songs are centered around navigating the landmines of girlhood and adolescence, learning how to deeply love another human being and also myself, and following my personal North Star vs. the projected timeline for adulthood. It’s also about what the relationships with the women in my life really look like—the joy and mirroring of self there, but also the unbreachable distance and instances of violence.”



“Onion Grass” is the first new music from Bejsiuk since Free Cake for Every Creature disbanded in 2019. Bejsiuk (then recording with the surname Bennett) first began self-releasing music as Free Cake for Every Creature in 2013 with her first full-length Shitty Beginnings. She recorded Pretty Good with a full band for Double Double Whammy in 2014 and went on to release Talking Quietly of Anything With You (2016) and The Bluest Star (2018) before calling it quits.

The Woman on the Moon:

01 Mothers Records
02 Feels Right
03 Vespers
04 Onion Grass
05 Candy Cigarettes
06 Little Sister
07 Fly Through
08 Tourmaline
09 Said No
10 Olive, NY
11 Queen Anastasia
12 Nightloop

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