Tips for making Pickled salt lemons


1 large mason jar
8 + 1 organic lemons
coarse sea salt



How to do it:
Wash the lemon hot and cut off the ends. Cut the fruit lengthways into quarters so that the ends of the lemon are still held together. Carefully unfold the lemons and spread 1 tablespoon of salt on the cut surfaces, squeeze the fruit firmly together and layer in a mason jar.



Squeeze a lemon and also pour the juice into the mason jar. Pour boiling water over the lemons so that the lemons are completely covered with water. If necessary, weigh down with a clean glass or clay disc. Seal and leave for 3-4 weeks.

Remove the finished lemons with a clean fork, rinse and use the lemon peel for your dishes to refine. The flesh is not eaten, only the skin and the broth are used.


Pickled salt lemons need 3-4 weeks of rest before you can eat them. They are used as seasonings and refine dishes with vegetables and fish, as well as pasta and rice dishes. You can use the liquid for salad dressings or sauces.


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